The name Move-eez originally came about from the look of a film strip, as the original hanger design was created with square holes and not circular.

However, the concept was still valid, even though the new designs were slightly different, it still brought about the idea of continuation and order.

We worked in the rag trade since 1984 and throughout this period very little changed with regards to the methods and handling of hanging garments.

There are many different railing systems, but these are not very mobile or versatile.

They have also not improved the handling by much. Bottle-necks still continue and once space runs out, processes fail, efficiencies drop, and stress levels increase.

With this background, I was blessed with the idea to create a simple yet functional industrial materials handling unit that would standardize the manner in which hanging garments could be stored and moved in a seamless method, with minimal product handling. This unit would fit easily into the majority of current supply chains.

In July 2007 I made my first sample and by mid-August, I had working samples with which I introduced to my ex-colleagues at Woolworths. My provisional patent was registered on 29 August 2007. I had a few changes made, which simplified the product further, and was given the go-ahead to do a full trial at the Woolworths Imports warehouse and their processing warehouses.

The results were staggering. The House of Processing hired 3000 units of the first production run without going into trial with fantastic results.



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