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A single Move-eez can hang up to 10 thin garments or 5 bulky garments. 

For bulky garments we recommend that you use every alternate hole to allow the garments to hang smoothly.

Move-eez is a quality product with long-lasting metal hooks that don't break - they can hold up to 15kg. If overloaded simply remove excess and bend back into shape.

Multiple Move-eez can be interlocked into multi-tiered to maximise space saving!

Move-eez are 100% Recyclable - the ultimate organiser, space, time and money saver for hanging garments.

Recommended Uses: Wardrobes - Camping - Caravanning - Travel Bags - Suitcases - Ironing Stations - Emergency Washing Line - Laundries - Moving House & Home - Cruise Ships - Passenger Liners

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